Fort Atkinson Muzzleloaders

Fort Atkinson Muzzleloaders is a family organization

involved in the sport of muzzleloading and camping.



Thank you for your interest in Fort Atkinson Muzzleloaders, Inc. We have been actively promoting Muzzleloading since the early 1970’s.

Currently these are the facilities available:

25yd, 50yd and 100yd Muzzleloading Rifle and Pistol Range with covered shooting stations.

The range is open year round. You, as a member of the club are part owner and have access to the grounds at all times. There may be some days when work is going on and the range is closed, or there might be a match in progress.

We have various activities going on through out the year.

Each month there is a General Membership Meeting that is open to all members. We meet the third Weekend of the month either at the range or a location in Fremont. All official business is conducted there by consensus of the members. There is nothing secret and we cannot vote on an item unless we have a quorum of members present. Anyone may make a motion or voice an opinion. This is your Club. There is a monthly Newsletter which contains the Minutes of the Club meetings, has match schedules, and other items of importance and interest to members.

We encourage you to participate in the operations of the club on the various committees necessary to the function of the club. We also have a need for people to help monitor safety and help maintain range property. We are constantly working on improving the facilities.

If you would like to join Fort Atkinson Muzzleloaders, please follow this process:

After carefully reading the following information, any further questions concerning FAML Membership can be directed to any officer of the club via either e-mail or phone (see the Contacts page of the website).

Requirements For Membership In Fort Atkinson Muzzleloaders:

1. Anyone who wants to join FAML must first attend a New Member Induction Briefing where they will complete an application for membership, complete a membership questionnaire, be briefed on club rules, policies, range safety, learn the responsibilities of club members, have questions answered, pay the initiation fee, and receive their membership card for the current year. 

Please click here for an application

Please click here for a questionnaire

2. Members must be 17 years of age and show proof at the Induction Briefing that you are a current member of the NRA (membership card or magazine mailing label showing expiration date).

3. You need to have 2 current club members sponsor you.  They can also give you a tour of the range and further explain range operations and procedures.

4. New members must pay the Initiation Fee of $100.00 at the New Member Induction Briefings. 

5.  After the 1st  year of membership the general members will review a prospective members attendance and participation and vote if that person will proceed through the initiation process.  If you are voted to proceed, another $100.00 Initiation Fee is paid.  After the 2nd year of membership, the general members will review attendance and participation again and vote again to determine if you become a full member in FAML.  Dues are then payable on an annual basis

6.  During your probationary period, your attendance at meetings, participation at work parties and participation at club activities will be reviewed and taken into consideration.

Copy of FAML Club BYLAWS